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HardTied – Catherine De Sade

These bitch needs to be taught a lesson, that is why she gets hardtied to the back of a truck and trotted in dirt and mud, then she is taken back in the dungeon and washed up, tied to a table and gagged and let the fun begin! Catherine is going to find out what hard fucking really means and she is going to get her ass penetrated and destroyed! Well to be fair, this is Catherine’s first ever BDSM scene on camera and she was a bit shy. But nonetheless she’s just amazing so let’s get to see her getting to be toyed with for the whole afternoon by a nice and kinky mistress as well. We bet you will just adore this one everyone.

She was also very very naughty and she got some punishment for this afternoon as well. Take your time to watch as she gets around to be tied up to a table and her mouth gagged and then watch as she lies belly down. The mistress gets to do some punishment as she whips and slaps her naughty ass as well today. Well after that she gets some special treatment as well in the form of her pussy getting teased and then finger fucked by her master for the afternoon. So take your time to see her punished for her naughty behavior today and then watch her getting pleasure out of it as well by the end!

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